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Granada Hills man is accused of inappropriate conduct with minor

A 35-year-old Granada Hills man was arrested on June 2, 2017, on suspicion that he engaged in inappropriate communication with a minor. The man was arrested earlier that day after it was discovered that he had allegedly made contact with a student at Patrick Henry Middle School. He had supposedly met the child while chaperoning a field trip the previous week.

The man, a father of another student that attends the same school as the victim in this case, had been accompanying the students on a field trip when it is alleged that he engaged in inappropriate communication with one of them. He's alleged to have spoken with the student with the intention of ultimately carrying out some type of undisclosed, physical felonious activity with the minor.

How a drug conviction impacts your ability to receive student aid

A conviction for a drug offense can greatly impact your life. In addition to potentially being sent to jail if convicted of a drug charge, it can impede your ability to support yourself financially. When it comes to government programs, a drug conviction can adversely affect your ability to qualify for many of them, including federal student loans.

The Higher Education Act dictates that any student that is convicted of a drug-related offense automatically becomes ineligible for financial aid. Under this act, this would preclude a student from receiving such funding as federal Pell Grants, PLUS Loans, Stafford Loans, Perkins Loans, and Work Study programs.

How marijuana DUI works in California

Despite the legalization of marijuana use in California, the law still prohibits driving while impaired by marijuana use. California's Vehicle Code includes marijuana among the substances that can cause impairment and make it illegal to drive.

Legalization may have the effect of putting law enforcement agencies on increased alert, as they expect a rise in stoned driving. There are some important differences in marijuana DUIs from alcohol or illegal drug DUIs.

Van Nuys drunk driver charged in accident that killed baby

Prosecutors with the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office have charged a 25-year-old North Druid Hills man with murder for his role in causing a head-on crash that killed an unborn fetus in an accident that seriously injured its mother. It's believed that the man's intoxication from alcohol is responsible for having caused him to lose control of his vehicle, resulting in the crash.

The man was driving his 2010 Nissan Altima along Hatteras Street and its intersection with Fulton Avenue in Van Nuys on Friday, May 26, when it is argued that he swerved into oncoming traffic. His car made head-on contact with the pregnant woman's 1997 Acura Integra as a result.

The different ways of negotiating a plea deal

When a client is charged with a crime, it's not all that uncommon that a prosecutor will offer a defendant a plea deal in order to avoid having to chance a case by taking it to trial. At the same time, for clients, they tend to take plea offers because of their potential to face reduced charges or more predictable sentences in doing so.

It's important to note that all plea deals are not the same, though. Instead, plea bargaining centers around negotiation. Deals that are ultimately extended to defendants center tend to take on one of three forms: fact, charge and sentencing bargaining.

Child witnesses and their impact on domestic violence sentences

During recent years, researchers have begun looking at what impact domestic violence that children either experience themselves or in their homes has on their lives in the long term. It's from studying any number of different cases that researchers have determined that, even in instances in which the child is not a direct target of the violence, they still experience significant harm simply by witnessing it.

Domestic violence can take on many different forms. It can be physical, verbal and emotional. Even once the violent incident itself has subsided, a child can still fear the occurrence of a abusive event or experience after-effects of the event in their minds. These disturbances can create lasting impacts on a child's emotional health and stunt their development.

The 5 traffic violations most apt to cause an accident

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, there are five distinct traffic violations that seem to accompany car crashes more than anything else. These include following too close, driving under the drugs or alcohol (DUI), failing to stop at a red light, speeding and failing to yield when making a left turn.

Los Angeles city code violation 21703(a) describes the offense of following too close to be anyone who fails to adhere to the three-second distance rule. Under this rule, no one driver should pass any one object within a time frame of less than three seconds of the the person in front of him or her having done the same.

How police officers may lie to suspects

When police officers arrest a suspect and begin questioning, their goal is to get a confession. While any statements must be voluntary, the law allows police officers to use a variety of tactics to elicit them.

Many people assume that police officers will not lie during questioning. This is not the case. Moreover, if you make a statement because you believed a lie, under most circumstances courts will still consider your confession valid.

Death and injury rates associated with DUI in California

In California between the years of 2003 and 2012, some 10,327 individuals were killed by drunk drivers. Despite the high rate, California's death rate from these types of accidents was remarkably lower in the state versus nationwide.

For example, among the 0-20 age group, while 1.3 percent were involved in these type of accidents nationwide, only 0.9 were in California. For the 21- to 34-year-old demographic, 6.7 percent were killed versus 4.5 percent in California.

Van Nuys man arrested stealing from car parked in FlyAway lot

A 43-year-old Van Nuys man was arrested around 8:00 p.m. Wednesday, April 26, at the Van Nuys Airport area bus terminal on suspicion of having burglarized a vehicle in one of the surrounding FlyAway parking lots. Los Angeles World Airport Police report that the incident occurred in the lot located at 7600 Woodley Avenue in Van Nuys.

Police were directed to the scene of the alleged crime after receiving a call from a witness at the scene. That witness reported having seen the man in question attempting to open a number of different car's doors within the parking lot.

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