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September 2016 Archives

Fight Hacking Charges with Help from Internet Crime Defense Attorney

Hacking or gaining unauthorized access into a computer network is a serious crime that is punishable under state and federal laws. Penalties often include jail time, usually for a much longer period if you are convicted by a federal jury for violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. And, in the case of journalist Matthew Keys, his Internet crime defense attorneys are fighting to reduce the recommended sentence of 87 months in prison.

How Shoplifting Defense Can Save Your Job

A firefighter is now fighting to retain his high-paying job after a court convicted him of shoplifting. The firefighter was charged with shoplifting for allegedly failing to pay for several food items at a convenience store, all amounting to $7.98. The judge who found him guilty of stealing those items further said that the accused must also forfeit his job as a firefighter and a lifeguard following the conviction. The firefighter plans to appeal the lower court's decision.

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