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Can a DUI be expunged from your record?

A driving under the influence (DUI) arrest or conviction can be devastating to many areas of your life. Aside from having to pay all the court fees associated with a DUI, you could have your license suspended and maybe even serve some jail time. A DUI arrest or conviction will make it difficult to pass a background check which creates issues finding a steady job.

What does it mean to have a record expunged?

Getting a record expunged means that your previous arrest or conviction is sealed and removed from your criminal record. If your record is expunged, it will not show up in a background check and you are not required to disclose any convictions on major documents (lease agreements, job applications, etc).

Can someone with more than one DUI have their record expunged?

Expungement is more common among first time offenders, a judge will typically choose to expunge a record if the accused has no prior record or history of reckless behavior. There are cases were a judge has expunged records for a person with more than one DUI conviction but it's much less likely.

Can a felony DUI be expunged?

The state of California allows both felony and misdemeanor DUI convictions to be expunged. Filing a petition for expungement does not mean your record is automatically expunged; a judge will consider your plea and make the final decision based on what they think is just.

You must successfully complete any court-ordered probation before filing a petition to have your record expunged. A person who was sentenced to prison time because of a DUI conviction is not eligible for expungement.

Do you need a lawyer to get a record expunged?

Anyone can petition to have their record expunged whether they have legal representation or not. However, hiring a lawyer who focuses on criminal defense and expungement will give you the best chance for a successful outcome. They have been through this process before and will be your ultimate guide.

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