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Why smoking legal marijuana at home could still cost you

Marijuana is legal, both medically and recreationally, in California. However, that does not mean you can potentially smoke it at home and experience no repercussions whatsoever. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you enjoy this drug.

You could still get fired

Your employer (or your prospective employer) might be one that tests workers for drugs. If marijuana is one substance that it does not want showing up, you could be fired or not hired in the first place if you test positive. If you use marijuana for medical reasons, it is even possible you could be let go. Moreover, you may be unable to collect unemployment benefits.

Be aware of your employer's drug testing policies and its view of a positive marijuana test. The employer handbook should detail these issues.

Driving after smoking could be risky

Driving to work after having a joint could be just as dangerous as a drug test. Even driving to work one week after you last had marijuana could be dicey if you smoked regularly before that. Habitual smokers tend to store THC in their fat tissue, meaning that you could be charged with DUI marijuana despite being clean for a good amount of time.

Plus, there is the fact that some people are at a higher risk of crashing if they hit the road soon after smoking-perhaps just as much as if they drank alcohol instead . If you are new to smoking, the marijuana may affect your body for much longer than if you have built up tolerance.

You could leave the state

Marijuana is legal in many states, but all it takes is a forgotten joint or two in the back seat for you to get in big trouble on a road trip across the country. Even if you are driving to another state where marijuana is legal, are all of the states in between marijuana-friendly? If you are driving from California to, say, Iowa, you go across as many as four or five states where people are not allowed to have marijuana.

In other words, marijuana may be legal for you to smoke, but the stigma surrounding it remains in many areas, even in the state of California. Being pulled over and charged with marijuana DUI when you are on a simple grocery run is a scary experience. To ensure your rights are upheld, it helps to get in touch with an attorney as soon as possible.

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