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Defendant to face charges he attempted to kill Van Nuys couple

A 27-year-old Castaic man is scheduled to make an appearance in Los Angeles District Court on August 14, 2017, to face firearms, assault, and attempted murder charges. The man is accused of having brandished a weapon and attempted to inflict harm on a Van Nuys couple in February.

According to a police report in the case, the man is accused of having approached the woman as she sat in her car soon after she pulled in front of his residence along Castaic Oak Lane back in February of 2017. Soon thereafter, he is alleged to have pulled out what has been described as a loaded AK-47 machine gun and pointed it at the woman.

It's unclear as to whether the woman was accompanied in the vehicle by her husband at the time or whether he made an appearance afterwards. However, the woman and her husband soon retreated from where the car was located into their home. Once they were safely inside, they summoned police to scene where the incident had occurred.

In searching the defendant's home, officers were able to locate two different loaded guns. Because he was still on probation at the time for a 2012 weapons charge, police took him into custody on suspicion of having violated the conditions of his release.

It's in learning additional details about what was said to the couple during the incident that prosecutors with the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office decided to also charge him with the assault and attempted murder charges.

As for the defendant, he has multiple instances of alleged criminal activity on his record. In 2012, he was arrested and charged with two felonies including illegal possession of an assault weapon and assault itself. In 2014, witnesses reported seeing the man breaking into Van Nuys area homes and cars. He was later caught red handed trying to pawn the items he had stolen.

While it's unclear what the outcomes of those previous cases were, if they resulted in convictions, it's possible that they could lead to a much harsher sentence should he be found guilty on these current charges. In cases like this, defendant might have the option of asking their Van Nuys criminal defense attorneys to work out a plea deal for them to avoid an unpredictable trial and sentence in their cases.

Source: KHTS AM 1220, "Attempted murder suspect from Castaic due back in court," Chris McCrory, July 17, 2017

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